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FAQ features

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Empower your site with a comprehensive FAQ manager.

Get Started in No Time
Create your own FAQs or choose from a large selection of sample FAQs. Start displaying FAQs in minutes!

Very Simple Workflow
Create FAQs in the easy-to-use editor and save. Then add an FAQ block or shortcode to a page.

Preview in Real-Time
Best of all, you can customize to perfect the look and feel of your FAQs before publishing.

Built-in FAQ Schema
This is auto-enabled and configured by default so you don’t need to do anything. Optionally disable if required.

FAQ ARIA Compliant
ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) specifications are fully supported in Flexible FAQs.

Accessible FAQs for Everyone
FAQs can be expanded via the keyboard and tabbed from one to another.

FAQs custom post type

Powerful FAQ Editor
Create sets of individual FAQs (as many as you like). Also, group FAQ sets together for more features.

Dynamic Reordering
Easily change the display order of FAQ items in seconds. Simply drag & drop items to reorder.

Disable FAQs
Temporarily hide one or more FAQ items in a set. Allows you to disable it for further editing & enable it again when ready.

Plenty of Customization Options
There are so many options to change the appearance and behavior of your FAQs.

FAQ Themes to the Rescue!
There are over 100 predefined beautiful themes for you to choose from, rather than start from scratch.

Create Your Own Custom Themes
Any FAQ theme can be customized and saved as a new theme for resue globally in any set of FAQs.

Create the Design YOU Want
You can change almost every aspect of your FAQs giving you unrivaled flexibility.

Typography Options
Choose from any browser-supported font or from over 1000 Google fonts.

Colors Galore
Change every color you can think of including text, background, border, hover colors. We’ve got you covered.

And That’s Not All!
We have a long list of cool new features we’re working on right now, as well as continuously improving existing ones.

Upcoming Features
Frontend FAQ submission, importing/exporting, FAQ engagement & reporting. Plus many more!

Quality Is What We Do
We’re always looking to improve Flexible FAQs. So if you have any suggestions then please let us know.

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