Powerful FAQ manager WordPress plugin

The most flexible FAQ plugin for WordPress! Includes over 100 custom FAQ themes, and a drag/drop interface to organize FAQs. Handle small or large numbers of FAQs with ease.

Create edit and display FAQs

Create & display FAQs in no time

Add some FAQs

Once the plugin is activated, head on over to the exclusive editor to create a new set of FAQs. Add as many FAQ items as you like, or just use the sample FAQs provided to get started quickly. There are plenty to choose from!

Edit FAQs
FAQ page editor

Insert them into a page

To view your FAQs, simply add them to a page via an editor block or shortcode. The block contains many configuration options, including over a 100 unique themes, to easily customise the look and feel of your FAQs.

How do they look?

That’s it! Nothing else to do apart from view your beautiful FAQs on the frontend of your site. Time taken? Just a few minutes.

Time saved? Hours!

Display FAQs on the frontend

FAQ features that help you to reduce the number of support request emails

Flexible FAQs is a feature-rich WordPress plugin and provides you with the right tools to power your site FAQs. From styling & customization options to schema implementation, we’ve got you covered.

Preview & Publish

Edit and customize FAQs in real-time. Preview before going live.

Over 100 FAQ Themes

Choose from a huge selection of pre-defined, beautiful FAQ themes.

Accessible FAQs

Tab enabled, and keyboard support to help navigate your FAQs.

FAQ Schema, Boost SEO!

Auto-enabled FAQ schema helps search engines find and index your FAQs more easily!

Customize FAQ Themes

Customize any existing FAQ theme and save to create a new custom theme for reuse.

Sample FAQs Included

Large selection of sample FAQs to help you get started in no time.

Asset 201Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a live example of the Flexible FAQs plugin in action! Try it out for yourself and expand/collapse some of the FAQs below.

Flexible FAQs was specifically created to make managing multiple FAQs as easy as possible. You can configure almost every aspect via powerful settings with no coding required whatsoever.

It’s so easy to add FAQs via the WordPress block editor, saving you plenty of time. Make changes to FAQs in real-time and preview directly in the editor window before publishing. Our unique interactive drag and drop system also allows you to dynamically reorder individual FAQ items exactly as you want.

Yes, it’s very easy to setup Flexible FAQs. After plugin activation you can begin creating FAQs literally in seconds!

Once you’ve created your FAQs there are two main ways that you can add them to a page. The easiest way is to insert an FAQ block into a page via the block editor, which takes just a couple of seconds.

Alternatively, you can also add FAQs to a page via a shortcode. This has the major advantage of making your FAQs available in all WordPress page builder plugins. So, whether you’re using Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, Elementor or any other page builder, be rest assured that you can easily add any set of FAQs with a simple shortcode.

You can reorder any set of FAQ items, as you edit, via our exclusive a drag & drop interface. This makes it very easy to change the order in which FAQs are displayed.

There are many options to customize the look and feel of your FAQs.

And what’s more, you can edit block styles in real time so you can preview changes directly in the editor before publishing. Here are just a few of the customisation options you have:

  • Typography (font, size, line-height)
  • Colors (text, background, border, hover)
  • Spacing (margin, and border)
  • Expand/collapse icon styles
  • FAQ width & alignment
  • Many more…

You shouldn’t have any trouble at all getting up and running with Flexible FAQs. The plugin documentation can help to resolve most queries you may have when getting up and running initially.

However, if you experience any issues that you need assistance with then we’re always here to help. Simply drop us an email and we’ll get right back to you. We pride ourselves on great customer support, making you feel at ease using our products. You’re in safe hands with us! 🙂

It sure does. Add any media you like. Here we’ve added a relaxing video from YouTube. 🙂

View lot’s more examples of FAQ styles and themes.

Ready to Get Started?

Add Flexible FAQs to your site today and start enjoying reduced customer support emails!

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